For over 2000 years, the powers of natural pearl were celebrated in China through mythology and practice.  Its legendary healing powers became the foundation for one of the oldest beauty regimens ever developed.  Wu Ze Tan (625-705 AD) was the only woman ever to be named Emperor of China and at age 65 when she ascended the throne, she was renowned for her beautiful skin.  Finely crushed pearl powder was the basis of her lifelong health and beauty treatment and its benefits have become synonymous with beautiful skin all over Asia.

Pearl+ is a modern interpretation of this Asian beauty treatment.  Each product begins with the activating qualities of crushed natural pearl, other herbs and minerals are incorporated for additional benefits.  All Pearl+ Luxury products are all natural and cruelty-free.

Pearl+ Luxury Soap for the face and body of men and women is lovingly handcrafted in Portland, Oregon.  Small controlled batches ensure the highest quality and freshness. Pearl+ is a creation of Janet Jay / Studio J in Portland, Oregon.  Influenced by her Grandmother from China, who shared the benefits of pearl on her skin, Janet Jay merged this personal inspiration with her experience in international beauty product development to create a truly unusual and luxurious product.

Pearl+ Luxury Soaps launched in 2008 in the rooms of the highly influential Ace Hotel in Portland, Oregon.  They are now found at all U.S. Ace Hotels where they are also available at retail.




Studio J


Janet Jay was previously Director of Marketing and Product Development for Diane Von Furstenberg and Manager of International Product Development at Estée Lauder. She also served as a product consultant for beauty firms in the US while living in Tokyo, Japan.  John Jay is President of Global Creative at Fast Retailing.  Jay was named by De-sign USA magazine readers in the top 10 most influential art directors in the past 50 years.

Together, John and Janet Jay founded Studio J, a creative consultancy specializing in lifestyle design, ranging from interiors to graphics to product development. Studio J projects include the development of the Macleay View Home, PING - a restaurant concept - a Japanese-inspired floating home, and art exhibitions featuring contemporary design and art from Asia.